A renegade Angeloid, intent on raising the Dragon God

Appearance Edit

Abaddonus resembles a man made out of golden bands with gunmental black, and gold ornate armor. His face is a metal cast hood with a black screen where a human face would be. On his back are edged metal bars with points on the end, where his crimson red wings can be seen.

Personality Edit

Abaddonus hates humanity and sees them as unworthy of the protection given by his fellow Angeloids. To get what he wants, he is not above killing other angeloids but would prefer to convert them to his cause.

He was and has always been a proud being.

History Edit

Abaddonus was once sent on a Temp Position, wherein he fell in love with human woman and her son. However, things did not go well as the situation ended with the woman dead and her son mentally scarred as his true form was revealed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abaddonus is a very powerful Angeloid able to overpower most others in combat. His wings are powerful enough that he can rip apart a large ship to skyscraper by himself