Characters Edit

  • Sol
  • Takeshi Hobuto: Mech Pilot
  • Dazinger: Super Robot Takeshi Pilots
  • Dr. Hobuto: Takeshi's grandfather and creator of the Dazinger.
  • Other Mechs and Pilots.

Part 1 Edit

"SPIRAL CRUSHER!!!" Shouted the pilot. His purple, green and yellow robot fired its fist like a rocket, a field of energy wrapped around it like streams of energy as it dove into the chest of villain. The figure was like a robotic dark knight covered in dark blue drapes of cloth.

In the depths of space, the dark lord had a crater place in his chest. His body blown completely through, the appendage flew back to its owner and reattached.

"You..." sputtered the dark lord "you, lord of calamity, you cannot escape your fate. I see it, fire lurks in your future..." He laughed, before he exploded into space dust.

"Fire...? Heh, I'm on fire, come bring the next punk monster or invader, i'll take you all on..!"

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