An organization founded to seek out the enemies of the Trinity among the mortal population.

History Edit

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Factions Edit

Classes Edit

  • Trooper/Crusader: The tanks of the order, able to withstand punishment and dish it out in space. They typically wear the heavier and stronger variants of Power Armor, and typically sport the heavier weapons.
  • Assassins: Stealth oriented warriors, instead of power armor, they were exo-armor composed of synthetic muscles, designed for moving unnoticed through conventional and many technological means such as infrared.
  • Psychics: Warriors who use their mental gifts to smite their foes and uncover secrets. They also wear power armor, but to protect their bodies which are typically not as suited for combat as the other classes.

Lodges Edit

Lodges refer to which patron of the Trinity an inquisitor follows. These lodges typically have an overarching philosophy for its members.

  • Fire: The followers of Sol, who burn with a passion to maintain order and punish the traitor, uncover the heretic and destroy the Eldritch. They often will not admit it, but they have a tendency to go over board...this mixed with their love of fire... and you can guess who is more likely to purge a planet.
  • Energy: Followers of Akreious. They are often the more flexible of the three but can also be hard to control. They are least likely to get along with the Fire Lodge and vice versa. Oddly enough, they are often the ones to make use of explosives, and/or hacking.
  • Shadow: The Followers of Z. These dark and brooding individuals are treated with suspicion by the other Lodges, due to their patrons similarity with many Eldritch. They are most likely the ones to have intimate knowledge on Eldritch and other such enemies. Despite this they are also the ones most likely to have resistance to Eldritch mind powers.

Patron Oriented Abilities Edit

Power Armor Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Rifles
    • Blaster Rifles:
    • Gaus Rifles:
  • Pistols:
  • Exotic:
    • Spike Launchers:
    • Energy Bow
  • Sniper Rifles:
  • Shot Guns
    • Auto ShotGuns
  • Heavy Weapons:
    • Missile Launchers
    • Plasma Throwers
    • Grenade Launchers
  • Others:
    • Mines