A docile, naïve, shy girl.


Luna has long brown ponytails, a rainbow hoodie, black skirt, red stockings, and black high-tops. She has an Eevee sitting on her shoulder most of the time. She also carries a rainbow candy-cane-like object.


She is rather shy and doesn't like conflict. When meeting someone, Luna tends to either hide behind her hair, shake, or both. She is also rather sensitive. 

Despite her shyness, Luna is also somewhat curious, and she will investigate anything she finds interesting. Luna also tends to be somewhat naïve.

Luna suffers from narcolepsy. This leads her to fall asleep at moments which wouldn't be the best times to sleep.




  • Ponytail Whip: She basically whips her hair around, hitting the foe.
  • Candy Cane Rush: She throws her cane like a boomerang.
  • Voice imitation: Luna is good at mimicking various accents.