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Metaverse Trailer OFFICIAL

Metaverse Trailer OFFICIAL

Welcome to the Metaverse Wiki! This site was created to display the series created by the users of the Ultra-Fan wiki, a tribute to their own imagination and all the things they love and more. A series were science fiction and fantasy can blend in together, where Space Gods and Cosmic Horrors war for the fate of the Multiverse, and the fate of all things within.

Come on and join us on the ride!

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  • Titan Princes: Mary Sues turned into Cosmic Beings...yeah we did that
  • Titans: Giant Heroes that fight the forces of the Eldritch
  • Eldritch Things: Lovecraftian forces keen on spreading chaos, misery and their dominion.
  • Mortals: Those beings who are just...mortal... Some are good, some are bad, so many do stupid things...