Mevael the Lich is an Eldritch Thing that enjoys the thrill of the chase.


Mevael's appearance is difficult to discern under his tattered, ruddy cloak. What can be seen is a pair of pointed, red, glowing eyes visible under his hood. A pair of massive antlers stick out from his head, thin but extremely sharp. An exoskeleton resembling ribs covers his chest at the split in his robes and his hands are armored. Long chains hang from his hands.


The lich known as Mevael dwelt in forests on earth, where he preyed on humans. He was aware of Lanthorne, though he thought little of him. Upon gaining knowledge of Nephthys and the Ruthven Estate, he constructed a Horn of Blasphemy. However, the Horn was stolen by a teenaged girl named Robyn. When she set out to find the Ruthven Estate, Mevael sent one his Wolves of the Fall after the girl.

The wolf almost caught up to the girl, but Nephthys slew the beast before it could kill Robyn. The woman set a trap for Mevael, who came in search of his Horn. However, before they could fight, Deucalion revealed himself and launched into combat with the lich. Mevael mortally wounded the cyborg, but Nephthys and Deucalion worked together to set off the Horn of Blasphemy, killing both the lich and the cyborg.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Wolves of the Fall: Mevael can summon odd, unnatural wolves to do his bidding. These look more mangy than normal, are larger and salivate heavily. However, they are still affected by conventional weapons, though they are somewhat more resilient.
  • Dark Magic: Mevael practices dark magic.
  • Tracking Skills: Sometimes Mavael prefers to pursue and track the conventional way, something his enjoys quite thoroughly.


  • Mevael was inspired by the art from Dio's album Lock Up the Wolves. This is what the image at the top of the page is from, album art by Wil Rees. While Lock Up the Wolves is not Zombiejiger's favorite Dio album, he finds it to have the best art. Mevael was also based on Hircine from Skyrim and Umarak the Hunter from BIONICLE G2.