Cold and silent is the land of the dead

Eternally blazing storms make no sound

As lightning strikes the bone-white ground

In the bravest Necropolis inspires dread

Gleaming mountains black as obsidian

Touch the dark sky in the distance

Temples of forgotten existence

Guarded by cursed iron Praetorians

Sovereign is the Necrobane

Titan Prince and master here

Where he goes, the end is near

Mortals feel no more pain

He dwells in the greatest mausoleum

Where he wrote the book of death, Liber Necropolis

A book to make eldritch ones scream and hiss

To make the unholy things wail and flee him

Z, the last and third of the Trinity

First Order, then Extropy and the End

Appointed, the universe they tend

Titans of power few dare to see

Watchers stand guard over the graves

Guardian statues of living stone

Set to protect old bone

Gazing out over dark Byzantium waves

Under musty crypts dwell the nameless

Creatures forgotten long ago

Insanity and fear they sow

To gaze upon them shall bring madness

Still and peaceful are the Resting

Citizens in the ream of undeath

Animated bones with a chilling breath

Sleep in crypts with ornate cresting

Beastly remains litter the Valley of Tears

Fallen demons from a war so great

When Crawling Chaos tried to breach the gates

The war that lasted so many years

Afterwards came Vagash the Lich Queen

While the Overlord was visiting the dead

Sol, Prince of Fire and Order ruled in his stead

She fell to the fire and lost her powers obscene

Cold and silent is the land of the dead

Necropolis still stands through plight and war

Eldritch incursion happens no more

And evil curses remain unsaid