A term used to describe the physical abilities of Cosmic Beings and some Eldritch Things

Definition Edit

A 'Perfect Body' is the term used to describe the abilities of Cosmic Beings and Eldritch Things, and even some Super Ultras.

It basically means that a creature/being is not bound by the same limits dictated by their genetic information, as they are able to rewrite it at will, to suit themselves and their desires. It is more than simple shapeshifting, or mimicry, it is a rewriting of one's genetic information, adding, subtracting info, or changing expressions.

Such abilities are not capable by most mortal beings, and most capable of this are cosmic beings, for whom their 'physical body' is more of a vessel, or Eldritch Things, who have stepped out of the domain of evolution.

Perfect Bodies can also be described as a union between two mediums of 'information storage', the brain and the DNA sequence.

Beings with Perfect Bodies Edit

  • Cosmic Beings: Their 'physical' forms are mere projections, manifestations and as such are wholly subject to their whims.
    • Titans: While not directly, the form of a Titan is affected by a Titans personality and mindset.
    • Titan Princes: Their Avatars and Direct Incarnations follow these rules.
  • Eldritch Beings: Some Eldritch Beings have Perfect Bodies, some, but not all.
  • Xenon Ultras: A special subspecies of Ultra. While most if not all Super Ultras are Xenon Ultras, not all Xenon Ultras are Super Ultras.