Gender: Male
Series: Metaverse
Type: Titan
Affiliation Rift Café
Created by SolZen321

A fiery Titan who runs the Respawn System.

Appearance Edit

SolZen looks like a giant humanoid made of flames. The only difference is the face plate over where his mouth and nose would be and optic like eyes.

Personality Edit

Despite his appearance he is rather merciful, in fact, he may be going through depression as he usually ignores the antics of the others. However when roused to anger he becomes something that all the others would rather...avoid. A fine example was when he took out his anger on the creatures that lived in Hell Mouth, an action he regrets to this day (P.S. They don't talk about it).

SolZen is also rather smart and is one of the smartest known Titans, which resulted in some of his powers. He has a certification in Super Robots, and Diplomas in Phase Theory and Chronal Dynamics. He also knows other bits of sci-fi trivial things.

History Edit

Although he does not remember it, Sol is in fact an avatar of the Sol Entity. He is a manifestation of that being's consciousness. While he is one of many, he is composed of enough to be a physical being, manifesting as a Titan, instead of say, a Spark, or a soul existing as a mortal being.

As some point in time SolZen invented the Respawn system...and was immediately put in charge of it and handling all of the paperwork the resulted from its use.

At another point he was roused to anger by Dao, and so unleashed his fury on the creatures of Hell Mouth, which he mistook for Demons(...those poor creatures). This resulted in him gaining an infamous reputation as a destroyer.

In regret of these things and more, he usually spends his time at the Rift, drinking his sorrows away.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Fire Powers: Besides radiating it from his body, SolZen can control and manipulate fire as if it was a part of him, even making selective in what it burns. His fire power is so great it is rumored he can burn 'concepts'.
    • Sol Ray: Fired like the Specium Ray, it is like a stream of fire, and can take out a chunk of a planet.
  • Reality Warping: Due to his great knowledge, SolZen figured out how to manipulate reality around him, from portals, to create, entering and destroying pocket dimension, time travel, and the manipulation of matter around him. He is able to seal away thing as well.
    • Ban Ray: A beam which throws and seals a being or object, out of the universe.
  • Shield of Vulcan: SolZen's face plate is actually an artifact known as the Shield of Vulcan. Little is known about its origins but it is said to be able to hold back even the hottest flames. SolZen seems to were it as a restraint, holding back his power, whether he wears it by choice is unknown.

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