A short series of connected stories

Premise Edit

The Angeloid trinity have spotted a world slipping into corruption and the possible birth of an Eldritch and move to act, all three avatars go on their separate missions before convening to face the culprit behind these events.

Stories Edit

Characters Edit

  • Angeloids: While worshiped by a small few, they are typically held as servants of a higher power by most of the mortals of this story, or not worshiped or known at all.
    • Sol: Archon of Order
    • Akre: Archon of Chaos
    • Z: Archon of Death
    • Cray: Archon of love
    • Ravel: Squire of the Trinity
  • Mortals:
    • Elrik: A Death Knight who searches for a worthy opponent.
    • Vervias the Warp Smith: Vervias was the first to learn the forbidden knowledge and was the one who spread it. He was also the first to suffer the consequences of its abuse becoming a monstrous parody of his former self.
    • Lord Darius Magnus the 3rd: A powerful lord, who is known for his battle prowess and prideful nature. At present he has been dethroned by his son.
    • Lord Darius Magnus the 4th: Son of the prior, he was a powerful, prideful warrior in his time, before he fell to darkness.
    • Erda Magnus: Wife of Darius the 4th, previously a cleric of the Holy Order of Valus, before turning to the dark arts.