Gender: ???
Series: Metaverse


Type: Titan
Affiliation Minions
Created by KitsuneSoldier

TanukiCommander is an EVIL version of KitsuneSoldier.

Personality Edit

A meme lord who tries to act edgy and fails. Uses a crap ton of gender jokes and ultimately just isn't funny. Convinced that he's the main villain of the entire series when he clearly isn't.

However, he's a serious threat for some reason.

Appearance Edit

Tanuki looks like an "Ultraman furry," but has characteristics of dark Ultras. He is of average size.

History Edit

Tanuki came into existence from the sorrow of the users after Sol clamped down the wiki rules, the secret dark side of Kit's mind, and the vengeful spirit of Chimera of 4 . He then immediately set about creating an army to "DO VERY VERY BAD THINGS!"

Abilities Edit

  • Cringe: Like a suspiciously large amount of evil beings, he is surrounded by a field that induced cringe.
  • Memes: Somehow he has weaponized memes.
  • Footsoldiers: TanukiCommander can summon bizarre creatures known as WOAH Beasts to fight for him.
  • Power: He is in fact a rather powerful Titan.

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