The Cloaked, also known as the Shadow is a Titan Prince that observes and studies. He will only act if it actually concerns himself or the balance of magic.


Though being a shapeshifter (through magic), he usually appears as a figure (usually just a shadow), wrapped around a purple cloak.


It is unknown how he came to be, all that is known about him is that he observes and studies everything throughout well....everything. He never leaves his realm, the Hollow Planes unless the order/balance of magic is at risk or something concerns him personally.


  • Magic: He is the first-known being to be bestowed with magic, due to that, he can do things that can be considered outright outrageous.


  • He is part of a group called the Observers, also known as the Lazy Ones, as they don't do anything and will only act if the situation concerns them.
  • This is Clee.