"The Shattered Fortress" is the common name of the rogue Weekee Malleus's home/base. Its true, original name is lost to history, as is the event that shattered the "impenetrable" fortress.


"The Shattered Fortress" is, as its name implies, heavily damaged. The fortress is built into what appears to be an asteroid, with the actual building being made of obsidian on top of said asteroid. On the left half, the building is pristine and polished, with architecture resembling Orthanc. However, the right half appears to be heavily damaged, damage that appears to have originated from the inside. From this side purple energy can be seen leaking, and a purple orb that appears to be emitting the energy appears to be deep inside.

The library/archive/museum contains a large collection of books, both on archaic paper and in built in databanks. Rumor states that several volumes contain some of the limited information on Limbo. The Liber Necropolis is contained in the library, as well as many other books on odd subjects. The museum contains many odd artifacts and "trinkets," such as a miniature black hole, the power core and firing mechanism of an ancient superweapon, and a prototype cloaking device.

Large, cylindrical pylons are built into various parts of the asteroid, which are used for propulsion. Thick, ribbed pipes emerge from the asteroid, connecting to both the pylons and the fortress itself.


The history of the fortress is entirely unknown, until Malleus found it broken during the time after his exile. He restored it the best he could, but left the damaged half unrepaired. Malleus uses the "Shattered Fortress" as both his home and base of operations.


  • Travel: "The Shattered Fortress" is capable of locomotion using its powerful engines.
  • Armor: In the odd case that the forcefield in penetrated, the fortress itself has armor that is said to be impenetrable.
  • Forcefield: The fortress is surrounded by a powerful forcefield, which protects it from almost any attack. This forcefield can also be used for combat, as it can be enhanced with energy resembling purple electricity and used to ram opponents.