Cosmic Beings, a god like race that rules over the universe and maintains its balance. Not to be confused with Elemental Titans.

Appearance and Nature Edit

Titans are generally humanoid beings and at the most basic are silver human like giants. Their eyes are always glowing orbs and they sport hair. Their hair is often either silver, or glows, or can be a different color like black or red. Male Titans can also grow facial hair. Titans can be male or female.

From this basic format Titans can develop a wide variety of different characteristics and features. The most common and most basic is a simple crest, or a Beam Lamp on their chest and/or forehead. They may develop glowing markings, or other features such as natural body armor or horns. Said armor may become natural, seemingly organic body armor, or may become metallic, to the point that the Titan can be easily mistaken for a robot.

Just as some may grow to look like a robot, some may grow to look monstrous, with spiky organic armor, rows of fangs replacing their lips, claws and even wings, to make them look demonic, especially with horns.

Some Titans may develop or alter their limbs into new forms, such as becoming a centaur like being, their legs becoming fish tails or a pair of angelic wings. They may even grow inorganic crystals on parts or all over their bodies.

While described as 'beings of light', they are in fact, not Ultras, despite some similarities. While long lived, and rather difficult to kill, Titans can die of old age, usually at around two millions years, though there are many titans who are several times that age and seem to be perfectly fine.

Culture Edit

The Titans are ruled by the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Basic Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: Besides being strong enough to stand up with their giant sizes, the Titans are known for showing incredible strength even relative to their sizes.
  • Outer Space Adaption and Durability: Titans can survive in space with no problem. They can withstand the cold vacuum and unfiltered star light and stellar winds. It is highly improbable for mortal weapons to harm them.
  • Flight: All Titans can fly and generate Warp Space to travel between systems.
  • Hard Light: Titans can generate photonic particles, usually to create constructs or interact with their technology. They can be weaponized in the form of beams and energy bullets.