The Trinity refers to a Trio of Titan Princes said to rule over evolution in the Multiverse.

First comes Sol, establishing Order
Then comes Akreious, bringing Extrapy
If Order falls to Extrapy, it becomes Chaos
If it survives, it becomes strong
At the End comes Z, to wipe it all clean
Then comes Sol, establishing Order."
-The Nature of the Trinity, by an unknown individual


  • Sol: The Titan Prince associated with Fire and Order
  • Akreious: The Titan Prince associated with Chaos and Extrapy
  • Z: The Titan Prince associated with the natural and unnatural End.

Purpose and Modus Operandi Edit

The goal of the trinity is to foster evolution and maintain balance between the three powers, Order, Chaos and Death. The last part is accomplished by the first part, as Sol would seed suitable dead worlds with life, and call upon Akreious to induce mutations from time to time.

When said planet produces a culture, it is Sol who will influence the natives into the basics of society and or whenever he comes across a civilization that has become too stable, he call upon Akreious to introduce something to shake it up. Being the random entity that he is, this could range from a plague, a genius, or dictator, a cataclysm or a new technology or discovery.

At the end, when said civilization reaches its natural end, or grows to threaten the balance, Sol will call on Z to bring an end to everything.

Servants Edit

  • Thralls of the Trinity: Faceless, mostly featureless silver Ultranoids, which take on the main aspects of whichever Prince is ordering them at the moment.
  • pending.

Enemies Edit

Their main enemies are the Eldritch Things whose existence are in contradiction to the laws of evolution.