Title: The Acrobatic Fighter

Appearance Edit

Venerate is a cinder ultra with a diamond shape crystal on his brow. His is mostly gold and sports red v shaped markings, on his chest, pelvic region, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles.

His human form varies.

Personality Edit

Venerate is a strong believer in his role as a guardian of evolution, and the rules set forth by Sol. He trusts Sol to have the best of intentions even if his methods seem questionable. He wholeheartedly despises Eldritch Things and perhaps a bit too much.

History Edit

As a young warrior Venerate did not listen to Sol, and followed his pride. The result was his sound defeat and the near destruction of a world, by an Eldritch Thing.

Profile Edit

  • Real Name: Cinder Ultranoid Pattern Venerate
  • Height: 54 Meters
  • Weight: 33,000 tons
  • Age: 65,000 years
  • Body Features:
    • Sol Gem: A special crystal that lets him tap into other dimensions or even Hyperspace for extra energy. It was granted by Sol and is not a natural part of his anatomy.

Techniques Edit

  • Cinderium Ray: Cinder enhanced specium ray.
  • Infinium Ray:
  • Pending.