History Edit

In ancient times, a primal giant, carrying the power of wild animals, protected the prehistoric world. When the dark god known only as Extinction descended to Earth, intent on wiping out humanity, the warrior sacrificed his life to defeat Extinction. His deeds and sacrifice would be remembered through ancient carvings, tribal songs, and a story passed down over generations. To this day, he still has followers.

Unbeknownst to his followers, the warrior lived. Each of his reincarnations could be identified by the device they wore on the back of their hand: the Wild Brace.

In the modern day, Extinction returned to earth, intending to finish what he started. William Clay, the warrior's latest incarnation, raced to fight him and his army of Primal Beasts, only to discover that the Ultraman had beaten him to it and already defeated Extinction.

After that, William/Kit began frequenting the Meta Cafe. He also became aware of the cult that worshipped him. He considers them to be silly, although he finds their Riser-wielding user to be quite useful.

Appearance Edit

Kit looks like an Ultraman furry.

Body Features Edit

  • Wild Brace: His transformation device, worn on the back of his right hand. It is also his energy core.
  • Ears: Kit's ears are unlike that of an Ultra, as they take the form of the ears of whatever animal he is using the powers of. They are most prominent in his default Kitsune form, and almost invisible in Same and Washi.
  • Shark Fins: In his Same form, Kit gains large blades on his head and arms, modeled after a shark's fins.
  • Eagle Wings: In his Washi form, Kit gains large wings based on an eagle's, which allow him to fly.
  • Bull Horns: In his Oushi form, Kit gains MASSIVE horns, even bigger than Father of Ultra's.

Forms Edit


Kit's default form, which uses assets of a fox.


Kit's speed-based form, which uses assets of a shark.


Kit's flight-based form, which uses assets of an eagle.


Kit's strength-based form, which uses assets of a bull.